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  • Maine coons originally come from the state of Maine, USA. they are America's oldest breed of native cat.



  • Maine Coons are the biggest breed of domestic cat. Females can weigh from 12lbs to 16lbs and males can weigh up to 20lbs. Neutered and speyed cats will weigh more than the working breeding studs and queens.



  • A Maine Coon will take up to four years to fully mature.



  • They can grow to the size of a small to medium terrier dog.



  • The breed is classed as a semi-longhair.



  • Maine Coons are recommended as suitable pets for allergy sufferers as their heavy waterproof coats do not shed as much dander as other breeds. (see allergy news).



  • There are a total of 64 different colour combinations including with or without white. the only colours not available are solid brown and Himalayan points.



  • Maine Coons are very intelligent and can be trained to recognise commands (within feline parameters).



  • Maine Coons are quite vocal with a wide range of "chirrups", "meows" and a full throated purr.



  • Maine Coons love water (one owner thought the cat had fallen into the bath they were enjoying .. until it was repeated again and again with a variety of dives and splashes!!).



  • They have been called "America's Gentle Giant" and "The Tail With The Cat Attached".



  • One Maine Coon is never enough .... you have been warned!!